Using CTM/Win7/Windws Update

I am currently researching a SteadyState alternative for Win7 and came across this. I have it installed on a test machine, but my question is there a way that CTM will allow Windows Update to run and then take a snapshot, and use that snapshot after reboot?

These machines will be in remote sites and we have the machines set to install MS packs on MS Tuesdays, however I do not want to use CTM if I will have to remote into each machine and tell CTM to do a new snapshot etc.

Any help with this would be great.


Hi, I have not tried this but you can use scheduled tasks to take snapshots based on a specific event.
Hope this helps

Schedule a snapshot.

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No that wont work. That schedule will take a snapshot before Windows update. Gru wants the snapshot taken after the Updates so that their preserved.

I dont know of a way to tell CTM to take a snapshot after a specific event. That would be very challenging. One big stumbling block would be how would CTM know that the specified event is finished and its safe to take a snapshot now??

You can take a snapshot on reboot (startup) at least…

Thanks for the replies, I currently have it set to take a snapspot when Windows updates runs, but was not able to get it to reboot into that snapspot without having to do it manually. Still looking into some options, but if I cannot get this to work, will have to try another software package that will. Simply have to many machines over the country to have to do them manually.

Thanks for the help, will let you know what I find out