Using CPF and FTP server

Hi all,

Firstly thanks Comodo for a great firewall, using stable version 2.2 and love it. (:CLP)

I’m setting up gene6 ftp server and thanks to info found here on the forums,1730.0.html I think i have it up and running.

I set up rules in Network monitor for port 21 incomming, and a rule for passive ports as instructed in previous thread. I also set a rule for port 20 outgoing as it was mentioned on Gene6 FAQ. I’m wondering if i’m still fully protected as a quick scan on GRC now shows i’m no longer passing Stealth Test and showing port 21 is open. I’m using a dynamic ip address as will friends and family using my server so i don’t know if i can tighten the rules any…and to be honest i wouldn’t know how to. I just followed the instructions from previous topic.

My concern is, am i leaving myself open to possible attack.

thanks for reading

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If you perform the test with gene6 ftp server active is logical not to pass the test. If it passed it would mean that your server would’t comunicate with the outside world