Using Comodo on LINUX platform

anyone got any info on using comodo with With Linux (ubuntu 7.10). can use WINE to run windows based programs

Yes but I don’t think a program run inside emulation can really control the host system, besides Wine is limited as to its low-level support I think. If what you want is a firewall however, I reckon Linux has its own powerful built-in network control tools, and there are interface programs to make that task easier. Can’t help you further myself since I don’t use Linux.

However stay tuned, Comodo might or might not decide making something for Linux some day…

right ont…just a little brand loyalty if ya know what i mean

I’ve been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to get Comodo v 2.4 and 3.x to run on PCLOS through wine. Never works for me but maybe you’ll have better luck.


Well, Trustix maybe isn’t the type you are looking for but who knows: