Using Comodo Memory Guardian?


Could someone give me a quick explaination how CMG works? Does CMG monitor all running applications, has an internal list of expoited applications or do I need to add applications manually. Looks like a nice program but I’m unsure how to use it.


Hi. You don’t need to do anything but just the installation process :slight_smile: CMG protects from BO as an attack class, it’s protection is not app-specific.

my suggestion is : just install CMG and let the “NSA agent with glasses” protects your memory ;D

Thanks guys :). I will sit and wait for the agent to appear :D.


Edit: Will CFP3 and CAV2 also include BO protection in the future? If they do, will it be the same as CMG?

i don’t think so, never heard of it. i think CMG is a stand alone apps.
CFP & CAV have their own job.
i only know that CFP got defense+ and improved HIPS (i can explain no more, got BSOD after installing the BETA) and CBO (comodo BOClean) will be integrated with CAVS.

secret agent works alone you know ;D (i think the CMG systray icon is the chubby version of willsmith in Men in Black) ;D

I think the systray icon looks more like George Michael :D.

No definitely Homer Simpson. :slight_smile:

CFP v3 will have BO protection in future as well as CMG will continue to exist as a stand alone product.


ooops, i don’t know that.sorry, my bad.
cool, so is there any differences between this CFP BOprotection & CMG? or we only need 1 of them?

Free product for curing Alzheimer = CMG ;D
hey, where can i see this egemen guy photo? i’m curious.

I think there is some confusion here 88)

As far as I know CFP will get the CMG protection, and CAVS will get the CBOClean protection.

Greetz, Red.

yeah, CMG icon is cartoonized egemen and …SO THAT’S MR.MELIH???
all this time i thought he’s kinda skinny and wearing glasses. ;D.

Funny offtopic we’ve here :slight_smile: CMG icon is my WoW char foto actually :slight_smile:

P.S. This is offical topic abut CMG, lets stay on topic pls.