Using Comodo Internet Security with Avast Free

Can i use comodo with avast? i tried installing comodo IS and it caused my computer to crash when i tried a scan to see if it would find anything that avast couldnt. is there a way to disable comodo so its not conflicting with avast? i want to use to scan my computer or files when i need it but i want to use the firewall that comes with it.

Do you have the AV enabled in CIS? In general it is not recommended to have two AV being Resident Shield at the same time.

A couple of months ago there were problems reported with Avast 6. If you have performane problems look under View Defense Events and see if Avast is continuously trying to access cmdagent.exe in memory; then the self protect of CIS will start eating cpu like crazy.

When that is the case add the CIS installation folder to the Avast Exclusions.

my first installation of CIS failed, it caused me to do a system restore because of something making my computer lag until nothing responded anymore and i had to forceably shutdown the computer. the system restore removed CIS, my computer is fine now. i still have the CIS installation file but i didnt execute it a second time. not yet.
i found “exclusions” in avast settings. CIS is not installed now, what should i do next?

BTW my machine is an acer aspire 5253, AMD E-350 1.6GHz, 2GB, 217GB HDD, windows 7 (64-bit) service pack 1, Avast free v6.0.1125, Malwarebytes v1.51.0.1200, hitman pro 3.5, firefox 5.0

If you want both AVAST and CIS, add the folder “c:\program files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security” in AVAST exclusions list.

Similarly, add c:\program files\avast folder to Comodo D+ exclusion list.

I can not say for sure that you can use both these products simultaneously.

Take care to immediately disable either AV component in CIS or AVAST AV residential shield. Do not use both of them at a time.

lol! 2nd attempt failed. wow. i thought i was more competent than that. im sorry guys. i dont mean to be wasting your time. i did another system restore.
well what i did was before i installed CIS again, i disconnected from the internet, i decided to add the path specified above in avast to exclude CIS, disabled all avast shields, launched CIS install, it finished and asked me to restart, so i did. CIS was poping up all these warnings that bit torrent was trying to connect (not too much of a concern) and isolating a half dozen files that CIS found unrecognizable and put them in a sandbox. it also mentioned some other application that was trying to connect, i wish i could remember all these files it was talking about, some were like some kind of ‘manager’ files and most had exe extensions.
i could try again and write them down… just a thought.
by the time is finished poping up warnings and geekbuddy tried launching the computer completely froze, no mouse or anything. i thought i was doing alright up until that point.
so i lost any progress i made and any log CIS might have made because i had to restore back to a time to before i installed CIS. strange thing is, both times geek buddy is still on the computer after i finish

one thing i didn’t check on is what EricJH recommended i wansn’t sure where ‘view defense events’ is in avast. but i did add the installation folder in exclusions. i did upload the 64 bit CIS installation file cause i have win 7 64-bit version. during the installation process CIS does ask if i want to enable its secure DNS feature when in connected to a network and i have been opting for it but that wouldn’t make it mess up would it?

  1. temporarily deactivate completely Avast while installing Comodo FW
  2. make sure you just install Comodo FW (Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022) and not the full Comodo IS. CAV and Avast won’t work happily together
  3. remain connected while installing the FW
  4. when the installation is finished, reactivate Avast and exclude all the Comodo files from all the agents of Avast
  5. give all the Avast’s files the status of updater/installer in defense+'s application rules

ah ha, ok. i think thats where i was going wrong. sweet, thank you, i hope this works. btw does the firewall include killswitch?

yay :slight_smile: i think it worked. wow. this thing doesnt let anything get by. its even scrutinizing avast making changes to protected files.
ok so i uploaded a screen shot of the log it made. it was notifying me of all this suspicious activity, and some stuff it put in a sandbox. is there anything on here that might be a threat?

[attachment deleted by admin]

No, it does not. Currently killswitch is only a component of Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

cool, ok i got CCE. now i just have to read on the tutorials. is there anything unusual in the screen shot that i should block?

Remove from the sandbox the Avast files as well as the ATI’s, Acer Back up manager and all the files you know are from safe softwares ==> Defense+ > Unrecognized files > select them > move to > trusted files.
If you have a doubt about an unrecognized file, then chose to submit it instead of moving it to the trusted ones.

Give the Avast exe files the status of installer/updater ==> Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Defense+ rules > add > select > predefined policy > installer/updater > apply > ok

awesome, thank you everyone

Why not just use one or the other? ???

i figured it out. because i have the 64-bit version of windows 7 i installed the 64-bit version of CIS but during the installation setup, to choose what components to install, i unchecked everything including geekbuddy and only chose to install the firewall and i went with maximum protection.
after that, i watched this video “Avast Free and CIS: Fix compatibility issues - YouTube” to get both avast and comodo to work smoothly and its been awesome so far.

how will you be protected from a Buffer Overflow attack (Drive by download) that Avast doesn’t have detection for?

my comodo firewall has poped up a few warnings of something like that in the past and gave me an option to block it.

Well - I’ve gone with avast! free 6 with Comodo Firewall installed as Firewall Only (so not using Defense+).

Seems to be the best working combination.

Just a note here:
I installed avast! free first. Then – after it was all setup and running (read below) – I first disabled all the shields permanently. Then I turned off the avast! self defence in the settings. This would then let me end the avastui.exe process via task manager. I also went to “Services” and stopped the avastsvc.exe service.

Once this was done I installed Comodo Firewall as Firewall Only then rebooted when asked.

On reboot – I then setup Comodo Firewall (described below).

Only after Comodo Firewall was setup did I re-enable the avast! shields and turn avast! self defence back on.

I have avast! on pretty much default settings (have not changed heuristics at all) except that I have:

  • Selected the “Load avast! services only after loading other system services”
  • Gone through the shields and selected the option to scan for potentially unwanted programs (PUP)
  • Gone through the actions for the shields and made it for viruses: repair, move to chest, delete ; for PUP & Suspicious: ask, repair, move to chest
  • Added comodo to exclusions under settings and file system shield
  • Gone through the shields and selected the “All Packers” option

For Comodo Firewall installed as Firewall Only:

  • Firewall Settings > General Settings: Set to Custom Policy and selected the options to “create rules for safe applications” and “enable IPv6 filtering”
  • Firewall Settings > Alert Settings: Unticked the “this computer is an internet connection gateway” option
  • Firewall Settings > Advanced: Selected “Protect ARP Cache”, “Block Gratuitous ARP Frames”, “Block Fragmented IP datagrams” and “Do protocol analysis”
  • Ensured that, under the Network Security Policy > Application Rules, that avastsvc.exe, avastui.exe and avast.setup are “Trusted Applications”.
  • Opened, ran “check for updates” etc, and closed every program on my machine in order to create the rules.
  • When prompted – added my network to the “Network Zone” and selected the option to allow other machines within the network to communicate with my machine.

I think doing this will allow general hassle free operation. Its the setup I plan on going with for my parents, sister and fiancee.