using comodo internet security in safe mode

i currently have an issue i’m not sure about on my laptop which some helpful members are helping me out with in another thread

while i was running scans to see if there was a problem etc, i went into safe mode with networking and ran scans with spybot and malware bytes, when i tried to run a scan with comodo AV it wouldn’t work, is this normal for comodo not to work in safe mode with networking?

thank you

yes this is normal. the main GUI doesnt work in safe mode but the av scanner does. just go to c drive → program files → comodo → comodo internet security → cav scan. then you can run a scan of whatever you want. you can also try malwarebytes in safe mode

Hi wasgij6,
Comodo Anti-virus scan (cavscan) will not run in Windows Safe Mode and neither can Comodo Internet Security Helper Service, cmdAgent. (Screenshot) :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

i know it used to run. did the behavior change? i havent tried it in a while

Hi wasgij6,
Sorry my bad. :-[
Previous versions before Beta V6 do work as you say, also right click scan works in safe mode (Just tried V5.12).
I am not sure if this is intended behaviour for V6 or not. :-\

No worries, glad to know im not going crazy :wink: