Using Comodo Firewall v6 to block entire folders from accessing the internet?

Hi, I know how to do it under v5 but at a loss on how to do it under v6. Any help?

Here’s one way:

Add a file group under D+ then select the group as part of the firewall rule.

  1. Open CIS
  2. Navigate to:

Tasks\Advanced Tasks\Open Advanced Settings\Security Settings\Defence+\HIPS\File Protection

  1. Select Add
  2. Select Folders
  3. Navigate to the folder you wish to block

In the Firewall:

  1. Select Application Rules
  2. Select Add
  3. Select Browse
  4. Select your newly created group
  5. Apply desired rules.

Oh wow! I’m not aware of this feature. My PC has CIS 5.10.x but I couldn’t find a way to add a folder under file protection. Any help?

Also, does this feature mean if I protect a bulk folder (personal data etc) using Firewall then no one could access it from the Internet? (assuming my PC gets hacked?). So my data is theft/tamper proof?

Please clarify.

Thank you.

In CIS 5.12 I block certain folders through D+ and the Firewall. See images attached. Hope this helps also :slight_smile:

Create New Group(File Group)

Add Folder to New Group

Add New Group to Blocked Files

Block New Group in Firewall

Thanks a lot, jbourne1020 :slight_smile:

As you mentioned, I did ADD my data folders under D+ (first three snapshots). But I can’t block the same folder under Firewall (4th snapshot).

Please see attached snapshot.

How to add the folder under Firewall? (So my folder is not completely safe yet…)

Big thanks

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Perhaps you’re missing a step, so:

  1. Open Defence+\Computer Security Policy\Protected Files and Folders
  2. Select Groups (On the right)
  3. Select Add
  4. Select Add New Group
  5. Give the Group a name
  6. Select Apply
  7. Back in Protected Files and Folders select Add\File Groups\Your Group
  8. Find your new group, Right click and select Add
  9. Browse to the folder you wish to block
  10. Add the folder to the right window and select Apply
  11. Select OK back to the main CIS UI
  12. You should now see the group in firewall rules

You are correct, Radaghast.

I got it now. Thanks again guys for the valuable inputs.

PS: If I hide this data folder (editing Registry entry), will there be any problem from CIS?

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To be honest, I’ve never tried doing that. Try it and let us know :slight_smile: