using Comodo firewall to control ip range of an .exe

i am having some issues using comodo w/ a custom network security policy for an .exe + using a VPN (openvpn)

i am currently using a vpn called strong vpn, but i used to use another kind. with the vpn i used to use, i would take the application i was running (say utorrent) and make a network security policy in comodo. the ip ranges would be limited to the vpns proxy ip range. i could confirm this would work by changing my ip by closing the vpns connection. then watch the connection to the program i was limiting, in this case utorrent, lose its transfer rate.
now i am using strongvpn w/openvpn package. i tried doing the same thing, limiting the IP Range etc, with an american IP that i was given by stronvpn. the application fails to connect to the internet when i am using comodo firewall to limit the ip range to the range which i am given by strongvpn. as soon as i remove the rules in comodo network security policty, the application connects just fine
does anyone know what would cause this?
also, is it possible for an application to detect when openvpn or something like it is being used?
thank you