Using Comodo Firewall pro & the constant "nag" message

I have an annoying small nag message greeting me every time I come to use my desktop pc saying I can download & update my “Comodo Internet security”, as I only have the firewall installed does this relate to me?
I dont want to install a full A-V product as I run AVG antivirus in conjunction with the “firewall pro” and am perfectly happy to continue this arrangement.
can I d/l this file in safety and install ok and not ruin my set-up keeping both Avg & Comodo firewall as is ?
Pray tell me how to rid my desktop of this “mini-nag message” for good, it even comes up twice or more daily and has done so for weeks but now I,m at the end of my tether and fed up of clicking to delete it, but its got me thinking at last you may say --is it an update for the firewall.
As you can tell I,m a bit confused–Help please.

Yes, it’s an update for the firewall.

If you are on version 4.X you can update it automatically, but I would export your current configuration just in case. It should only update the currently installed components.

If you are on version 3.X I would recommend downloading tHe latest CIS installer, doing an uninstall of your current CIS and doing a clean install of the latest CIS, but only selecting the components you want to use.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I wouldn’t call it a nag screen - it’s asking you whether you want to update because you have update checking turned on.

Thanks panic,
Just what i required-I appreciate your reply.