Using Comodo Dragon with CIS

I would like to know this:

What are the most appropriate Comodo Dragon security settings if I am using Comodo Internet Security Premium? For example, should CD phishing and malware protection be enabled, or will that just conflict with CIS effectiveness? Will CD’s security features slow down internet speed without adding additional security strength that isn’t already in place while CIS is in use? I think these questions should be explored further.

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I am no Expert but I would recommend Enabling/Leaving It Enabled, Phishing And Malware Protection in CD (Comodo Dragon), and I do not see how it will conflict with CIS’s (Comodo Internet Security’s) effectiveness; but instead, it will probably Add another Helpful Layer to your Defenses. :wink:

I do not think that any of CD’s Security Features will have much of a negative Effect/Affect on your Internet Speed and those Features will probably Add Some additional Protection to your Defenses. :P0l

But I am no Expert, that is just my Opinion based off of my Limited Knowledge and Common Sense. :wink:

But I could be Wrong. :smiley:

In my setup, I tend to go with the defaults in most areas. In CIS, I have changed to “proactive security” rather “internet security”. I would leave “phishing and malware” enabled. Reason being, CIS will protect you against malware but not phishing. CD is a fast browser already so shouldn’t slow down your connection that much.


Personally, I think there’s a lot of duplication of effort going on here.

If you use the D+/AV/Sandbox components of CIS, you should have malware protection.
If you use some form of secure DNS, you probably also have phishing/malware protection
If you use a variety of chrome or firefox you can enable Google’s phishing and malware protection (both browsers use the same service. Understanding Phishing and Malware Protection in Google Chrome …
If you add certain types of extension, you will be adding phishing/malware protection.

I’m not saying it’s not necessary, just a little overkill.

I agree the Phishing And Malware Protection is important and is available in both/all three, and sometimes blocks what the DNS does not.

Comodo Dragon and Firefox both offer better Privacy than Google Chrome, so that is an issue for some of us.

Comodo Dragon does have the Verification Engine built in, which can help also, though maybe Google Chrome has a somewhat similar feature but I am not sure.

Since Comodo Dragon’s coding is somewhat different, it may be less at risk against direct targeted attacks that will more than likely be targeted at Google Chrome directly; such as the case with IE and sometimes Firefox, not that Comodo Dragon is immune, but less likely to have custom attacks made for it probably. :wink:

And yes, it can be overkill for some, but just right for others; it depends. :wink:

For me, it is just one more layer in my overall defense strategy. :slight_smile:

Keeping a good balance is important in my opinion, but I am no Expert, so do not listen to me. :smiley:

And yes, you can also get a pretty good defense layer using Firefox and/or Google Chrome, but you can with Comodo Dragon as well; different things for different people, it sure is an interesting World is it not? :slight_smile:

Look at CIS and Comodo Dragon as two entirely separate security programs. Essentially CIS will cover anything that gets through CD.

I would leave the phishing and malware protection disabled. In addition I would enable Comodo Secure DNS, or another DNS service.

In CD I would also enable the option to block 3rd party cookies. This is a privacy concern, but it won’t affect much to enable it.

If you feel like reading an article I wrote with advice on how to stay safe online you can find it on this page.

Let me know if you have any other questions.