Using CFP 2.4 with CIS (CAV only)

I was getting a lot of BSODs with CIS and was reading about Data Execution Prevention (DEP) being needed in my processor. My processor is too old and doesn’t support DEP.

Would CFP work in conjunction with CIS (if I only used CAV) to maybe get around the BSODs? Any input would be appreciated!

I have no clue to whether it would help. You can always try.

What do the Blue Screens Of Death (BSOD) tell you? What is the error number (something like 0X000000BD)? What is the error name (something like IRQ_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL)? Does the BSOD mention a file that may be related to the crash?

Keep us posted.

You may review my posts on the BSODs here and here. I don’t remember what the actual coding was (I’m sort of a novice at stack dumps, etc.). I did post my minidumps and did send them to Comodo via email. I plan on working on my friend’s computer this week and I’ll post any minidumps he has as well (he’s experiencing the BSODs too). I’m planning on uninstalling the CFP portion of CIS until a cure is found. As for me, I’ve gone back to Norton Internet Security in conjunction with BOClean…

I stand corrected. (:NRD) You already submited minidumps to Comodo. Now all we can do is sit and wait.

Thanks L.A.R I hope your BSOD gets fixed in the future, Developers watch that BSOD thread too.