Using "block all"

Hi! I was wondering if setting Comodo to “Block All” makes it safe to turn off one’s antivirus, or do I need to unplug the internet?

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Setting the security level to Block All simply sets the firewall to block all traffic in or out of your computer. You might use this feature if you were leaving your computer on, but going to be away from it for a period of time, or if you felt like there some suspicious activity occurring (such as from a virus) and wanted to stop traffic.

I’m not sure exactly what your question is asking; if you can explain what you are trying to accomplish, that will help.



CFP does not detect and remove viruses and spyware, so unless you are confident of your system, it is not recommended to turn off your AV. A firewall is not a substitute for your AV/AS (unless version 3 is that powerful).

Thanks for the replies. The reason I am asking is that sometimes I want to shut off my antivirus in order to speed up some work on my computer. Normally I would shut off the modem in such cases, but it would be easier if I could just put Comodo to block all until I have done my work.

Ok, that would work. If you’ve already scanned your computer with your AV and found nothing then it would be beneficial to temporarily turn off your AV.