Free avatar for an answer to this question 88) I installed Avast 4.8 on my computer running
Windows XP SP 3. I ran a full scan and after an hour and 1/2 it came back with this “Unable
to scan” and then it gave a list of all my files “whats up with that”


It sounds like a corrupted Installation or something on your HDD…

When was the last time you defraged your PC? Try reinstalling Avast.


Well sir nothing is corrupted I reinstalled the program and I did a defrag, then
I went to their forum and low and behold others are having a like problem.
I uninstalled Avast I’ve used it before and thought the new version would
be better 88) I’m O.k. for now with Super Anti-Spyware and Ad-Aware plus,
Web Root sent me an email their going to have me test the new beta version
of Spy Sweeper next week. Now what flavor avatar you wantin? (:WIN)

I have installed Avast on 4 machines with no troubles. Spy Sweeper is bloated junk. Ad Aware is out dated and weak. SAS is great but you still need an av. You can get free 6 months of Avira. NOD32 is great also.

+1 :-TU

You are my clone… lol


that’s 'orrible!

Super Anti-Spyware stopped two Trojans tonight Avast gave me gas, the new beta Spy Sweeper have you tried it to make that assessment? And NOD sounds attractive. (:NRD)