Using AM Deadlink to check favourites and bookmarks


I’m trying to use this free utility to check whether my many bookmarks and favourites are still working links.

It tries 10 bookmarks at a time and reports if they work or not so you can delete all the non working bookmarks.

Problem is, Comodo Firewall is popping up asking me to yay or nay each connection. I’ve tried selecting it as a browser and a trusted program, ticking ‘remember this’ but it keeps popping up.
I also tried setting the Firewall to ‘training Mode’ but the pop ups continued relentlessly.

I don’t want to click yes for each of the 100’s of bookmarks I have and don’t see why it should be this way.

Is there a way round this?


Edit. I disabled Comodo Firewall and tried again, it still pops up for every connection lol. What the hell is that about?


The behavior you describe could be caused by your settings, don’t know what yours are.

Attached is a shot of my application rules in firewall for AMDeadlink.
It works fine here like this, with these rules.
Check yours and edit.

I am using settings. Proactive security config.
with Firewall on Safe and alert level slider set to very high.
Defense+ on safe mode.


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