Using a firewall on 56K dial-up???

Should I use a Comodo firewall on 56K dial modem as I have used it before and I thought it slowed down the internet speed or was it just my imagination?
Plz tell me that I should use a firewall or not to use it as I am newbie in this firewall department.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re on 28K dial-up or 500 terabits/s super speed internet. Without one you can still be hacked (just slower).

That’s All OK but also tell me about the fact of the internet speed slowing down. What about that issue. does anyone feel the same thing using a firewall on dial-up.

Hi chatto_7, my suggestion is that you try the firewall again, to discover whether you can notice a slower connection or not. Make some tests, e.g. measure the loading time of some websites. Then quickly (to make the test fair and relevant) install the firewall and try to load the sites again. If you still think it’s acceptable, go for it!

I hope you’ll stay with it as it’ll provide great protection for you. Btw, I presume you’re using Windows XP and at least have the built in firewall turned on (a door of “pasteboard” is better than no door at all).


Or, test your bandwidth with, and without a firewall. I think you’ll find the difference to be negligible, unless your system resources are seriously deficient. Turn a firewall back on ASAP!

To test bandwidth (internet connection speed), I use the one at CNET (USA) but you should use one that’s closest to your location.