using a different outgoing smtp server

I have created two certificates for two different email addresses. and (examples)
I have created and installed comodo cert for both these email address on the same computer.
However, I send all email using the gmail smtp server. The recipient sees a valid email address and certificate for email I send from my gmail address. However, when sending from my other email address using the gmail smtp server - the recipient sees a warning “unable to verify message signature”

is there a way to combine the two certificates ? or is there another solution that I could use ?

Thank You

I also see in the actual installed certificate that it allows for “subject alternative name” - would this allow for a second email address to be linked to the same certificate ? and would this resole my issue “unable to verify message signature” ?


What Software are you using to sign/send email messages?

Hi Jacob,

I am using Apples Mail Application. Although I have added 2 different accounts in preferences, they both have the same setting for outgoing SMTP.