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Hi Guys

Here is a new service we launched to the world for free!! It empowers the users to make a difference.

Here is my blog about it.

I would appreciate your feedback.

I would love to give you feedback on this new service, but unfortunately, it won’t let me sign up.

  • I went to the UserTrust with Site Seal from Comodo™ link that was in the email I received.
  • I clicked on the Sign Up link (Add UserTrust for free!)
  • I checked the radio button that says yes I am an existing Comodo customer.
  • I entered my username and password.
  • When I click sumbit I get bounced right back to the same signup page.

I have tried this in both Firefox and IE7. The result is the same.

Yes cookies are enabled on the website.

I’d really like to try this but my UserTrust of UserTrust is hitting rock bottom right now.


the guys will come in around 4-5 hours for this service. How about try it without saying yes to existing customer see what happens.

(sorry don’t have a clear answer, but we are inundated with applications as emails are going out to existing users, that could be one reason…)

Bear with us pls, its worth it!!!


I suppose you did not enter domain name. When you select ‘existing Comodo customer’ box you should fill ‘Domain name’ field as well. The error appears but signup page does not inform you about it.

the comodo team was completely unresponsive to my emails/support tickets… and when i called them for tech support they told me this was a free service and therefore not supported… great start!!! anyway, the only way i was able to get past this issue is by NOT checking “existing account” radio button… now that i was able to subscribe and validate, i can’t get it to work… instructions are ridiculously vague and i have a hard time taking seriously any install directions which instruct me to “To display logo image on the your site add next javascript code into HTML code”… that’s not even english!

bottom line - the logo is not displayed…

lemme have a chat with them…
pls PM me your email address and get someone to lend you a hand…


hey melih… thanks for offering some assistance in this… it’s unfortunate that i even though i already have two ssl packages from comodo i now find myself in this position - turning to forums for help with a free app…

anyway, this is actually my first time venturing through forums so i don’t even know how to PM you… please let me know so i can give it to you… thanks!..

  • max

No worries, i will send an email to your email address you registered here…
i will pass that email address to our support guys so that they can get in touch with you.

There is always a reason for everything, now you have tried something new and very useful - our forums!



melih… just an fyi - to date i have not received ANY assistance nor correspondence from anyone at comodo… to make matters worse now my paid instantssl account is somehow mixed in with my free usertrust account and i can’t access either one!.. the system doesn’t recognize my pw and when i request to have it sent to me it tells me that no such user id exists (even though it’s stored in my roboform and was, of course, working previously)… at this point i’m pretty much at the end of my rope and am about to have all my accounts canceled and request a refund on the remaining 3 years of my instantssl account…


totally infuriating!!!

  • max