Users of anti-virus products with proxy tunnels, how does your setup look?

I really don’t have a clue, however, here is how I have it set. In the firewall “Enable alerts for loopback requests” and in Defense+ Loopback Networking enabled. I’ve included port 30606 (NOD32s proxy port) under both http and Pop3 ports and 0 - 6000 Privileged. In NOD (you know what I mean if you use NOD), I have enabled “Ports and applications…”. I also am behind a router.

Why are you using a proxy? I was using Comodo and NOD32 3.0 and I never had to do all that. I just set it to a trusted program in firewall and D+.

I’m not using a proxy, NOD is! All Internet traffic now goes through the NOD proxy tunnel ekrn.exe unless you specifically set NOD up not to scan individual programs and then you lose your protection. Just search here or the NOD forum over at Wilders and you’ll become quite confused if not educated.

No not me. I used NOD32 2.7 and 3.0 and never had to set up Comodo for a proxy. Web Shield still worked on NOD32. You need to be sure that IE and FF have check marks next to them uder your wen shield settings in Comodo.

ratchet, I know what you are saying. My settings are like yours except for port 30606. At one time I put port 30606 in the application rule for eset. But with all the version changes with Comodo I noticed I had eset as a trusted application. You can set eset up either way. But if you specify a certain port ( 30606…-not the same for every user) I would put it in the application rule for eset because I believe that would be more specific to eset than in the general My Ports setting in Comodo. Anyway, that is what I have done.