Users having Chrome 45 crash ; attention please !

Hello everybody,

We would like to inform our users who had crash after they update their Chrome 44 to 45 ( related bug report is here;msg817958#msg817958); you will receive an update on Monday as we are now working on the fix and it will be released on Monday.

In the meantime, here is the temporary fix for you to apply:

Try adding Chrome to the Exclusions of Detect Shellcode Injections.Add the exclusion when chrome is not running, it will work after you add the exclusion and detect shellcode injections must be enabled for the exclusions to take affect.

For your kind attention please,

Best Regards

Here is a step-by-step video I made explaining how to implement the temporary fix. Hope it helps.

Thank you for the video. It’s very helpful. :-TU

Please post all questions and remarks in Comodo Firewall crashes Chrome 45 [merged]. That way we will have all conversation in one place.

I am locking this topic.

This problem has been addressed in the latest build

Comodo Internet Security V8.2.0.4703 (Chrome Hotfix) is released!