Users Folder

Win 7 64

When I go to Users - Home - I click Home folder & get you cannot access this folder & go to tab security & when I click security I get properties not available

When I hover mouse on Home it shows empty folder

What could be the prob?

UAC disabled
Account - Only 1 Account & it is administrator too.
CIS 6 Free Suite installed Default

Attached are the screenshots

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C Drive i.e system drive - There is a folder named users. There are 2 folders inside it named Public & the name of your user account.

Can anyone plzz show me the screenshots of user account folder i.e the name of your user account folder, rightclick it then properties, I need the screenshots of the tab security & advanced - owner, here in the owner tab - current owner is mentioned unable to display current owner.

Win 7 64
Only 1 account & its administrator too

Attached are my screenshots

Are these settings correct?

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(:WAV) naren

Have look on picture attached.

The problem is ,you dont have a admin account - instead you have home .

It should be exacly like my picture shows.

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there you have :-TU Win 7 64

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tosz is your user account, right?

Home is my user account & its administrator account. Control Panel - User Account shows 2 Accounts, Home as Administrator & Guest Account.

I fresh installed Win 7 64 on this system. I never had Administrator like in your screenshot. I always had Home & Public and if I enable shows hidden files & folders one more account is visible named Default.

Previously Home folder use to open & now its not opening as mentioned in my first post & when hover the mouse it shows empty folder.

Administrator folder in your screenshot, is it necessary to have that folder? Why I dont have that folder?

;D just watch

As a user you are automaticly a admin in win7 .

But after reinstaling system you have to choose one acount too be admin. ;D

Watched the video.

Do you have Default under users when you enable show hidden files/folders?

Did you created an account with the name Administrator?

Does Windows creates an Administrator Account that is not accessible by default?

How many accounts you have created? All are administrator account?

check it please ;D on you PC

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I have only one account -as you see on one of the screanshots - the one with the red kross on the name is a admin.

have look at that picture

go to the box and click all the -give all right for all user and apply .

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Here it doesn’t shows anything.

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more screanshots for you ;D

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I didn’t changed any settings/system settings. I dont know why the Home folder is not accessible now & why its showing empty folder.

like the video shows allow net user in the system .

You are not the only one ;D

there are 2 days a frend of my can acsess his PC because whats ever he tucht is asked for admin permision
even in safe mode :o

we ben trying to format his PC but the answer is ;D no admin permision to perform that.

OK doing now…

Hope there will be no prob. I am not that expert.

Will return here in few mins after doing that

Im not a expert too

But because of my frend PC and his problems with admin account that interested me mutch.

The video shows Command prompt - rightclick - Run as Admin, then the CD shows c windows system32 but doing so mine CD shows c users home, should I go ahead?


but read that before as well