Users experience with Win 7 x64?

I am running CIS v3.14…587 on Win XP, and I am pretty happy with it. I will wait to upgrade to v4.0 until I see the bug reports settle down.

I am starting a new job where my employer is running Win 7 x64, but they admit to not having much security in place and invite my input. I would like to hear others experience with Win 7 x64 on CIS v3.14 and v4.0.

The official Comodo page ( suggests CIS v4.0 is not compatible with Win 7 x64. The wording is also ambiguous about whether Win XP x64 and Vista x64 are supported.

This is by the head developer from the Release topic:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Do I need a separate installer if i am using a 64 bit operating system?
A1 - No. The installer will download the appropriate setup for you and install.

So, there is a 64 bits version but as 32 bits user I cannot comment on how it works.

I posted a topic about it to notify the Comodo web site people the download page is not mentioning the 64 bits version: .


I run Win 7 64 Bit… i have had no problems…see my recent post here…

+1 I have wind 7 and no problems here, this build is pretty stable here.

With x64 you will have this problem:

I don’t have seen this problem with my games …

OK I was wondering why 32 bit only was mentioned on the download page ;D I do run Win7/64 and had an issue, the same a few times, until I decided to uninstall and wait for an updated release, or now that almost know it, a fully 64 bit compatible version, which “might” not be the case right now.
My issue, as already mentioned in the main thread for the release of the final version of V4, is that once it’s installed:

1 first login after 1st reboot takes ages
2 following logins are freezing completely, off and on, ie not every time. The issue disappear once CFP 4 is removed. I don’t use CAV, so just the firewall and def+/sandbox, and I also experienced the issue with all other security software removed (Avast5).

I’ve been using Win 7 x64 with CIS 3.14 for few weeks now and it runs as smooth as 32 bit version on Windows XP, which I had used for months. The only difference I’ve noticed is that I had more alerts for Windows’ processes on Win 7 than on Windows XP, but ‘Clean PC Mode’ should fix that for you.

If I were you, I wouldn’t recommend fresh and not truly tested product, which CIS v4 certainly is, to my employer. You might end up embarrassing yourself.

truth is CIS v 3.14 indeed worked flawlessly in Win7/64…

This is one of the beautiful things of the bugs, maybe you are using a different settings maybe the game was installed before comodo and you are using cleanPC…, and the problem is not with all the full screen applications.

Thanks to all the kind folks who replied. The new Win7 x64 PC I ordered at work will arrive in a few days, and I want to install the best CIS version on it. Since CIS 4.0.138377.779 with bug fixes has been released, what do the folks who recommended staying with the stable 3.14 version say now?

I thought you can’t use CIS for commercial purposes and that’s including using it on the company’s PCs.

“Commercial purposes” generally means to make money by selling the program. Business use is different. Did you see something in the EULA about business use?

I see I didn’t read it thoroughly though so I wouldn’t know about the business use in the EULA