Users beware, no safety with Comodo !

Regarding the locked topic

Once Comodo is caught with their pants on their knees, they lock your topic so it gets out of sight, and don’t expect any real answer. Or perhaps something like "Comodo has an internal whitelist the users has no control over. (Comodo lets programs runs & do whatever they want without giving their users any choice → Does that ring a bell ?)

The topic isn’t locked… I just replied in the thread regarding my own test with hostsman performed just a few minutes ago.

Hi Berzerk,
The above statements are incorrect, and for this reason I will lock this topic.
Usually if a topic gets locked you will get the reasons and the opportunity to have the decision reconsidered posted in that topic.
If you disagree or would like this topic re-opened please PM an online Mod with your reasons.

ROFLMAO - Did you mean the “locked” topic that you replied in? That one? 88) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Berzerk, your post is considered trolling and will not be tolerated.
Consider this a warning!