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I would advise you to read up on the “uninstalling” problems people are having with CTM. I’m not sure why it should matter what version of CTM is being used if they all have the “User Access” feature in them. Yes, it is very scary to not be able to log into a program you know is taking snapshots that will continue to fill you disc drive until it is full.

Thanks to james321888, I have set my program to only take one snapshot daily and to remove them after 5 days. I would really like to get this software off of my system, though, but it scares me that it could crash my system like it did to other people. I do have boot disks that I made about 3 weeks ago and I’m assuming the MBR will be on there. Still, no program should crash your system just because you want to install it.

Dear Vicki, after seeing your (and others) roller-coaster rides with CTM I do understand and sympathize with you !

Despite some people run into serious problems with CTM, there are also lots of others who use versions as old as 2.6 and it works fine for them. Different versions ARE indeed different ( though having the same features ), otherwise there’s no sense to have New/Update versions !

Since for obvious reasons you have lost confidence in CTM, I would also suggest you to uninstall it ! Before you uninstall make sure your OS runs well at present state and no CTM error messages appear, delete most of your snapshots and compact them, then at bootup console ( Press “Home” at bootup ) take a most current snapshot and uninstall to IT.