This new service looks like the same as “log on to my pc.”
If it’s the case; There is a better application and also you can host/install it on your PC: Remotelyanywhere (or Logmein).

I still insist :

Some product like :

Macromedia Breeze* or
IOBI (Verizon) or Webex…

You get the corporate money !!!

It’s your call.

*I believe it’s the best.

Useranywhere is made to let you log on to your PC from somewhere else.

Comodomeet is maybe more in your taste?

Well, Since We use comodo’s perfect products, our expectations are high now! (lol)
So we expect to use better products like Adobe Breeze instead comodomeet !

Of course… :wink:
They are just in the beginning of develop those programs, and I’m sure they will be good. :slight_smile:
Try them out when they work… and give them suggestions for improvement.

Please remember these are newer programs and are still being updated and new features being added. They will get better :wink: