user32 dll and shell32 dll error i cant use BOC :(

Hi all

when i try to use BOC i have that:


May be it’s cause a KBxxxxx windows update??
I have all KB safety update but not one KB9117422 (because i cant play Dark Messiah demo with lol)

How i can ifx the user32 error???


This is indeed an issue that has arisen regarding some applications following the latest batch of Windows update. Have a look here:

Certain programs may not start, and you receive an error message on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2: “Illegal System DLL Relocation”

Ok thanks. I use Bricopack Vista Inspirat fron Crystal XP, i will try to uninstall

I have check with the unistall of BRICOPACK VISTA INSPIRAT and it work fine.

so BOC is not compatible with BVI.

Thks for help.