User/System Settings Backup and Windows Repair

Hope this doesn’t sound like a dumb question/s, but I’m wondering whether a User or System Settings BU would have allowed me to restore previous Comodo Programs Manager monitoring history after a full repair of Win 7 x64.

Due to corrupt non-repairable sys files, I repaired the system using the Win7 install disk (upgrade option). The repair process automatically re-installed a number of apps including CPM (they are shown to have been installed on the date of system repair when viewed via Win7 Control Panel) and now CPM has lost it’s memory of previously monitored app installs. To be expected I guess.

While I mention the System Settings BU option above, I am assuming that a restore of Sys settings would merely replicate the system file corruptions I was trying to repair: if I’m wrong about that, then happy to be corrected. But, if I’m correcton that point, would the alternative of restoring a User Settings BU (if I had one) have restored CBM’s memory of previous monitoring?

(Or am I completely under-estimating the intricacies of program monitoring ?!)