User profile wont accept safe files

Im running CAV Beta 2.0 on a Windows 2000 PC. Despite having run and completed the user profiling, every boot up CAV asks me for permission to run a program (Palm hotsync.exe). Marking it as safe and ‘remember next time’ makes no difference. I still get asked next boot up.

Running the users profile dialogiue manually and selecting advanced, them adding hotsync.exe, or the entire folder in which it resides, or both, appears to work while the dialogue is running. That is on reselecting ‘advanced’ the entries are still there.

However after exiting (or rebooting of course), the entries have disappeared and I get prompted again.

This is strange because I run Comodo on other PCs with similar software running (although an older version of CAV) without this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions please ?