User Profile Switcher Flag no longer valid on CD/Chromodo 48

Hello all,
First off, I would like to say that i appreciate all your efforts in bringing us Comodo Dragon. I’ve been on board for a few years now, and have little desire to go anywhere else - security and privacy are something that is in short supply these days, so i’ll take what i can get. So far, I’ve been quite happy with CD, and the increased release schedule certainly doesn’t hurt.

One thing i noticed from trying to keep up to date on Chromium builds and whatnot is the removal of the --disable-new-avatar-menu command line flag from chromium version 47+. This, of course, was the workaround after the flag was removed from the chrome://flags page - Shoutout to captainsticks for making note of this in the help section for CD & Chromodo. Link:
This flag was nice in that it allowed us to hide the user profile switcher, which, if you had no user profile, just wasted space and easily got in the way of minimizing the page or selecting a tab if you had many tabs open. If you did have a user profile, it showed who was signed in to the casual passerby, not to mention taking up valuable tab space when with a long profile name. This is not something I’m overly fond of - It’s much in the same vein as storing the recently or most visited pages on the new tab page, but that i can at least hide via extensions, and delete on close.

The long in the short: is there any plans to provide an option to hide this or restore the command line flag? I know that there are alternatives browsers that don’t display the profile icon, and that i could build chromium myself, but i’d prefer not to switch, and i’d greatly prefer not to build my own version from chromium.


Hi and welcome abaum912,
Thank you kindly for pointing it out to me that the command line switch no longer works.
I have made an edit note in the mentioned sticky topic.
Note: I have left the topic in place for now for anyone that is using older versions.

Hopefully Staff will comment on any future plans.

Thank you.