User Profile Safe List Database

Been using the beta of CAVS for a week or so. On startup every time I receive the option to run this part of the program. As it takes about half an hour to run I now choose to cancel it. I am not sure that this feature is running correctly on my PC as I have never seen it complete and ask me to do anything. My questions are

Should it run every time on startup - half an hour is too long to wat

Is it actually creating the list

Is it trying to create the list and at some point in the process failing which I never see

During the scan it seems to tell me that it is scanning over 100000 files and there are several thousand in the safelist. But I have never watched the process completely to the end - I get bored too quickly - should it ask me to save something on completion.

To date as I said before I have never watched it the whole way through and whenever I have returned to the PC any dialogue boxes have disappeared.

Any thoughts and advice appreciated. Thanks


Seems to be a problem here. This feature should only run once, when you’ve installed the program and re-booted. I have no suggestion of a workaround here, have you tried to reinstall CAVS?


Tried that as part of a different cure to resolve mail connection issue - recd error when sending - lost connection to server. My only thought on the User profiling subject is would a screensaver interfere - another option is that I run the profiler again and see it through to the end.


OK - Sat and watched what happens - got to about 20 minutes of the scan and the dialog box just disappeared. It had reached a total of about 152,000 files scanned - it said there were 19468 files in the safe list. The dialog box then just disappeared with no error etc just back to my desktop. Some other thoughts whether they have a bearing. BTW I am running XP Pro all up to date.
My boot drive is a SATA drive and I have a SATA PCI Card installed.
I have a second drive IDE connected to the motherboard which I use for data backup.

The IDE does have a complete XP setup on (just in case the boot drive fails) not with all the updates installed.

OK. Unless someone else has a clue here, and responds to this post soon, I suggest you submit a ticket for this problem. It appears to be a bug.


well that part of the CFP is being revamped and should have an almost instant version of this feature. It should in theory do it once. Next version should have it fixed…Next version should also have the MS update issue fixed where everytime it updates, it causes alerts… well now it wont :slight_smile: as the guys came up with a very clever solution… :slight_smile:


Sounds very interesting Melih! But I think you meant CAVS, not CFP :slight_smile: