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I’m doing reviews on security programs - Please post any ideas\opinions and views here.
My youtube channel;

  • If you have a request to review an application please post.

Tests are done on a Virtual Machine;
Windows Xp Sp2 (Straight off the CD, No updates)
512mb Ram

The malware is collected from various malware hosting sites - Not a single one.
(Don’t bother asking me where to collect them, Unless your in the malware research group)

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Original Post;;

Hey guys, Well I'm sure you've all heard of Matt's videos - From

I was doing some BETA testing in VirtualBox the other day and I thought, I could do reviews similar to matts but with a much broader range.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in watching them or even a couple of people contributing to the reviews - There are so many applications out today it would be quite a mission to review all of them regularly.

I would of course be commentating on them (I know how boring silent movies are lol)
Thoughts please.

I could contribute…though I’m not sure how.

I do have VMware and Camtasia. (But not a mic…)

Do it ! ;D

I´m afraid I cannot help but I find the idea wonderful.

Would you have a channel in youtube? How about a thick aussie accent :D? Because Matt’s is oh so very USA.

Go for it.

I would watch them, if you put a picture of a hot girl on the desktop, Perhaps you could start windows media player with a hot girl dancing in the background as well (just a thought)… (:KWL) :■■■■

If you need I could probably send you some samples… nothing “zeroday” mumbo jumbo… Old dos viruses… And stuff that is compatible with mac only… O0 :-TU


You mean “Oh so very wonderfully USA.” 88)

You mean "Oh so very wonderfully USA."

!ot! My favorite english accents are, by far, Cockney and Irish.

Problem is you cant do some for Comodo, why people would say the malware has been submited already.

Anyway, your a member of MRG right? if you want i could supply malware for your tests ;D.

Also why not test Firewall Inbound and Outbound protection also?

Yes but he (we?) may also test the firewall and HIPS too. Then it doesn’t matter whether or not we got the malware from Comodo.

I think it is a great idea! har many good reviews. And he aint paid of by some vendors to give one product and advantage. I would watch your videos if you decided to make some! :smiley:

I think there are to few independent test or from the man next door. Good idea!! :-TU

Hey, Most of my samples tested ofcourse would be found in Comodo’s malware research group. However that is not fair. I would have to do some searching around, Finding a malware hosting site to specifically test comodo so there is no disadvantage\advantage.

Thanks for feedback guys… One last question, Would you like to see the videos done on Vista or xp?

W7 :slight_smile: just kiding, on XP

I dont think it matters if you choose XP or Vista. The goal her is to test the security application? I use Vista, but all I think of,regardless of the operating system, is how good the security application itself can protect me.

Probably XP…that is faster in a VM.

Or W7. ;D

Here is my input for what it is worth.

I would love to see more moves created about Comodo products; CIS included. I would like to get away however from the idea of “testing” CIS’s proactive/reactive abilities and leave the official testing of such to professional groups who do collective more comprehensive testing of products. Why? Because as soon as the test is conducted it is either A) outdated, B) invalidated by some individual, or C) not reflective of its results to the general security community at large.

What I would love to see however is an attempt to explain and show the usability of CIS. What does it look like when a virus pops up and what is the difference between a known virus, a suspicious file generated by heuristics and a false positive. How to react to each given situation above. What are we looking at with Defense + with it’s different colors, how to train Defense +, how to customize Defense + … and so on and so forth. I think a hands on guide on how to use the product and enabling the most amount of protection from a product will do wonders more for the community rather than trying to prove the product can hold its own.

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

There are enough security reviewers/testers out there. We need something different!

Should be popping out an “Avira Free” review very shortly, Currently the update server is down so that’s what I’m waiting for.


You say

But you don’t tell us how to contribute. 88)

I mean, Make some movies your self - or send me malware samples.

I’m uploading to youtube now, I’ll post the links when they are up ^^ Hope you will enjoy it…

Avira Free, 9

Video 1;


Video 2;

Please post your opinions here… No matter how harsh.