User interface inaccessible after logging off and back on[RESOLVED]

I’m running the latest version of CPF (

When I start Windows XP and log on everything works fine. When I log off and back on again (same user) the user interface of CPF is inaccessible. There is no icon in the system tray and Windows Security Center reports that no firewall is running. The firewall service does run and functions correctly but because no pop-ups appear I can not add any new programs to CPF.
It happened a few times that the user interface popped up after logging on again but it displayed:
Protection strength: bad and both Application Monitor, Component Monitor, Network Monitor and Application Behavior Analysis report that they are turned off.
If I start CPF manually nothing happens, the only solution to get the user interface back is rebooting.
I’m running a completely clean Windows XP SP2 without any additional software.

Anybody else seeing this problem?

A similar thing happened to me once, but not after the log off/on, but after a CFP crashed. I started it manualy, and all of the monitors were off, and I was not able to turn them on. A reboot helped :).

Can anybody please confirm if he/she can successfully log off and back on again without encountering the problem I am describing? Otherwise it isn’t really useful to submit a support ticket if I’m the only one with this problem.

Hi Richz, actually I just ran up to test on my son’s pc and yes, I logged back in to his account and his firewall protection settings were all set to bad and I couldn’t change them until after a reboot. The firewall wasn’t letting me adjust cutom\block all\allow all either and the icon was red.

visit <for support ticket. I will also look through the forum and see if anyone else has had this. I thought it was my son not checking his firewall, yelled at him today for it. :o He doesn’t need to know, it keeps him on his toes…I will post back with any findings.


Alright, thanks Paul, I’ll submit a support ticket later.

I just tried to log off/on, I don’t have this problem.

Ok, I have just submitted a support ticket and will post back here if something comes up.

I haven’t heard anything about the ticket I submitted last week but today I noticed a new version is available ( so I decided to give it a spin.
Unfortunately my problem is still present; logging off and back on still does not work.
To make sure my machine isn’t the problem I installed the latest version on a clean VMware installation (Win XP SP2) and on that installation the same problem occurs so more people should see this problem.
Can anybody please confirm my problem?

For anyone that is interested;
I just received an e-mail from Comodo support that they can reproduce the problem.
The issue will be fixed in version 3.0 of the firewall.

Ok, thanks for the update. I will put this as resolved since they are aware and it will be fixed.