User interaction suggestions


I just started using Comodo firewall and I have two suggestions to make about the user interaction design:

1- On popups, use application descriptive names instead of executable names. Sunbelt Kerio’s firewall does just that. It helps the user understand which app is asking for permission. “wmplayer.exe” doesn’t mean a thing for a Spanish non-geek user. “Reproductor de Windows Media” (the descriptive name) does.

2- Allow for window resizing. The window can already be maximized to fill the screen. I find no reason for prohibiting resizing.


I think the main problem with your mentioned idea is that some of the applications don’t have details, so you wouldn’t be able to separte two files if none of them got a desciption.

Don’t forget to post your suggestions in the wishlist-thread.,1202.0.html

But you don’t need to post the resize-request…that have been requested many many times already.

Oh, by the way, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Almost EVERY windows process DOES have a description name which is much more meaningful than its executable name.

I suggest you download Process Explorer ( and you’ll see what I mean.

In the rare case the application doesn’t have a description name, you can also default to its executable name.