User Generated Videos for Comodo Vision Channel.

My suggestions for [User Generated Videos for Comodo Vision Channel]

1.COMODO products configurations.
2.Software configurations.
3.Software E-Learning.
4.Hardware configurations and E-Learning
5.Fun videos.

1.High Bandwidth.
2.HD video.(Full screen support)
3.Low quality videos for low bandwidth and low level PC users.

For experts.
1.Adobe Robohelp.(Based on Robohelp server)
2.Adobe Captivate.
3.Adobe Air.
4.Flash movie.

For normal users.
1.Multi codec support(COMODO should determine standard codecs).
2.Video converter by COMODO.

What do you think about my idea?

Guys put some ideas and suggestions here!

We need ‘User Generated Videos for Comodo Vision Channel’.

It will be cool! :-TU



Please reply with your opinions.

This would be a good guide line to make videos with.

Yes. ;D


Do you have any opinions ?


ideas about short and informative things would be of great value… anything that related to general well being a pc and security and how to do things and how things that users did effected them positively etc


When do you think open ’ User Generated Videos for Comodo Vision Channel’?


“this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.”

Old but we need to think about it.

LOL i could work on some videos… if needed.

We need it.
Work some videos.

Hmm Guide videos… i will try to make some.

bump ;D

Only exepct something when v4 comes out… only then.