User Generated Videos for Comodo Vision Channel

Hi Guys

Looking for ideas for our Comodo Vision Channel. We want to get our users involved in the videos. We want to use content generated by our users.

We are open to ideas as to what kind of content so looking for ideas pls…

If you wanted to generate some intrest you could always put a a video\picture of ganda up. ;D

What about a video thats talks about why comodo is better than it’s competitors, or what audience comodo is aimed at. I think you want a video that someone can sit at the pc and think " Hey, that guy looks like me, He’s not too tech savy and he’s getting a hold of this effective security solution. "

You need to convince people that they need Comodo.

Just my 2c :slight_smile:

i will be off school in a cuple of weeks so then production from me may start if i dont get a job!

Also Melih dont you thing you should put a link to the channel somewhere with more traffic?