User experience & suggestion

Over the years I have tried CIS again & again & uninstalled it.
I again uninstalled the latest version as it seems with every upgrade CIS gets buggy/broken & usability is affected & this gets irritating.

CIS strength is autosandbox & whitelists. In theory things are excellent but in practice doesn’t work expected & affects users experience.

CIS Cloud is an important part of CIS & should work smoothly but thats not the case.
I tried few programs & some programs were autosandboxed. When I checked those programs with File Lookup they were found Trusted. This happens many times & affects users experience.

CIS strength is in its modules so the modules should work seamlessly but it feels CIS works like one software with different software i.e not working seamlessly.
Dont know File Lookup & Whitelists are same or not…why files are autosandboxed but File Lookup says Trusted? Either Cloud glitch or Whitelists are not in sync…whitelists should work seamlessly in sync.

Comodo Cloud is an important aspect of CIS & enhances CIS thereby providing excellent protection. So Cloud should work as a protective cloud & not mere cloud connection.
i.e for ex- Emsisoft…it has Antimalware Network Cloud. An unknown file is “Blocked” for check & then executed automatically. Checked with Antimalware Network…you see a popup in the bottom right corner Antimalware Network checking the file…Safe files allowed/Malicious files blocked/Unknown are monitored by behavior blocker. This all happens instant & doesn’t affect users experience.
Comodo Cloud should work the way mentioned above i.e protective cloud i.e block the file for the cloud verdict. Security software vendor mention this happens instant & doesn’t affect users experience & enhances protection.
Products like Panda Cloud, Bd free, Norton, etc… Cloud works this way.

I agree from the first to the last word. Good post! I have exactly the same experience and feelings wit CIS.
If I can add something: when an unknown file got sandboxed it should be automatically analyzed and put in white or black list in a few hours or days not in months.

Hello Guys,

Thank you for your precious feedbacks.

As you know our main purpose is to block any unknown file which the base of Comodo Containtment technology.That s why we are able to protect you %100 and other competitprs are not. :slight_smile:

Definetly got your point and we will be doing our best to improve the user experience and work on this to serve you the best solution.

Kind Regards

Cloud is an important aspect of CIS. I strongly feels file should be blocked when executed for the Cloud Verdict. Other vendors do this & have mentioned this works instant & doesn’t affect user experience.

I truly believe with the above changes Cloud protection will be solid & no miss in Cloud Verdict. And CIS without AV will be as solid as with AV. Atleast I will use without AV then. And I believe so does many others.