"User Convenience" Quickly Linking back to the Comodo Support Forum

This is something very minor but also convenient for Comodo users.

In checking the Comodo Desktop Icon for the current Firewall. I do find 2 links back to Comodo but both are for promotional/download pages.

In the “about” section could there be put either a link directly to the beginning of the Comodo Forums, a link directly to the help sections for that particular product (in this case the Firewall"
or both?

I am running 3 Comodo products The current Firewall, BoClean, and The VerificationEngine.
In the Toolbar The Firewall in “About” shows 2 links back to the promotional pages, The VerificationEngine shows ONLY a very brief release number, And in BoClean I could not find any “About” but at the top the last date of the update.

Adding the urls for the Forum in each of the Icons in the Toolbar would be more convenient for users to contact the support Forums. Would prefer that users look to the Forums first before filing a HELP ticket, information on how to should be easily available through a moderator.