User control over Dragon's layout: A theme? A script? A plug-in?

I’m happy to keep the Dragon icon (extremely well done btw) but there is virtually nothing else about CD’s layout that I like. I’ve tinkered with the Settings, but I’m beginning to think that I’m not looking for a theme, I’m looking for a different browser.

What do you think? Is there any way of walking this back to the box models of stationary menus, large icons, and fat address & progress bars? If I even found a way to give Dragon that retro “Netscape” look, would I be able to stack/arrange menus and bars to my preference? Or is this Chrome’s architecture? I’m trying out IceDragon as well, but the Firefox engine isn’t as nimble as Chrome’s (hell, we’ve been paging Firefox for the last two years, very depressing tsk).

So that’s the problem. Chrome runs like a champ, but I don’t like its minimalism: I have a string of linguini posing as a scrollbar :o and can’t find the setting for it (if there even is one).

Thoughts? Advice? Tweaks? Thanks everyone.