User awareness

Having just purchased a code signing certificate from Comodo so as to digitally sign the downloads from my site, I have been looking to capitalise on this investment by explaining to those who visit the site how this will benefit them. I was looking for a short web page, explaining in simple terms that the average AOL user can understand, why signed code is good for them. I can’t find one.

Microsoft is the company active in promoting Authenticode, but it has actually published little about it except in technical documents MSDN and so on. The result is that technical people are well aware of what it is all about but users are not. If users know anything, it is just that it is a dialog box that they ignore when downloading stuff from a site. If developers who invest in a certificate wish to gain a benefit from it, they need to educate users themselves as to why it is good for them.

I would like to see from Comodo a page aimed at ordinary users explaining the benefits of signed code, which I could link to from my site. This would benefit me and other software developers wanting to promote the benefits of signed code, because people would be getting information about it from an authoritative source, and it would benefit Comodo, because people would thereby become aware of the name.

Is this what you were looking for?

It gives details which I think you can use.

It does, but it is too wordy and is aimed at the potential purchaser of certificates, not the end user who wants to know what Authenticode means.