User accounts - configuration


Comodo shares a database for all users, but i would like to know if there are ways to set up configurations individually. (There might be already such a topic but i couldn’t find one in internal and google search, sry if there are one - links are welcome too)

Well, let’s start from beginning: A shared win7 computer with admin and default user accounts, and for the non-admin account a different setup like (mainly) no alerts to be shown (just block & log everything). And these settings are not allowed to change (just adding new entires in log/av protocol & quarantine).

What would be nice: if the rules for applications (for FW and HIPS) are still be shared (if possible) - or an easy way to transfer them.

Also if someone has further tipps on using CIS 6 with different user types (espacially with sandboxing) - you’re welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Ohw - yet no answer? Such a hard topic? I can’t imagine this has not been requested before (either i couldn’t find something).

I know there is a great community so i really wonder why no one got an idea what i could do. Maybe some other options like using Comodo ESM?

Hi dinovom,
I do understand what you are trying to accomplish, but I am sorry I have no idea how to help or if it is even possible.
I am also sorry to see that no other member appears to know any tips for your situation.

Thanks for the community compliment. :slight_smile: