"User Account Control blocking CIS at startup"

Greetings from here to there,

Every time I reboot my system the ICON for CIS never appears in the system tray, until I click on the Start/All Programs/Comodo/Comodo Internet Security/CIS then the ICON will show and my Alert Messages also start to appear.

When I did the installation of the Virus Protection and started the UpDate of the VDF there appeared a notice there was an update available for CIS and do you want to install now? I waited for the Virus Update to complete then clicked YES for the update and when completed did a reboot. Yet the version # remained the same as before the latest supposed update. Is this normal? Or was that alert for an update for CIS was really for the VDF for the Virus Protection?

Sorry about these two different problems just very confused,


sometimes the program itself is confused and says there is an update available, when you already got the latest version of the program!!!

I suggest to remove comodo completely and do a reinstall of the program, that will solve sure all matters

1.Turn off UAC(User Account Control: if you use D+ you don’t need to use UAC)
2.Turn off windows firewall.
3.Turn off windows defender(you can turn it off in the servicesLdisable the service)
4.Uninstall CIS.
6.right click CIS installation file.
7.click run as administrator.

Don’t mean to hijack this thread but I was reading it and it started me wondering if the topic may explain the niggly little problems I have had with my Windows XP Home Edition SP3 OS PC and Comodo CIS which I asked about in the thread (linked below) which I had posted in the Installation Forum in the Help Forums. I looked for the User Account control listing mentioned by Creasy in my Services but all I could see of a similar nature was something called Security Accounts Manager and also something called Security Center / Windows Firewall Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) both of which are turned on Automatic. The reason I ask is because as I mention in the link below Comodo didn’t switch off Windows Firewall on my install, I did it manually when I noticed about two or three days later from the Firewall icon in my Control Panel. Is it possible that I can safely turn off the two Services listed above. I sometimes feel that I have a niggly little bug or something which affects my PC which none of my Security programs can seem to find. If somehow some parts of the Windows Security should be turned off and haven’t been, it could possibly explain it. Or maybe I am just clutching at straws.