Use with Disk Imaging

Ok. I know that.
I do a complete partition backup (delete old partition, clone the new one, same size). I’m covered.

hi - can anyone help me with how I can activate sector by sector copying in Ghost v.8?

If this is not possible, any recommendations for the cheapest/easiest to use option for this would be appreciated. This may be porblematic, in that i think it will mean we will need to compile new boot disks for the new application, including network drivers for our various laptop models.

However CTM is ideal for our needs if we can get over the cloning clash issue…

There are some considerations, please read it carefully.

  1. Do not physically remove, rearrange or add new hard drives to the motherboard after installing COMODO Time Machine BETA (Flash/Removable drives are OK).
  2. Do not remove COMODO Time Machine BETA protected partitions using disk management, fdisk or other disk tools.
  3. Do not access or modify protected partitions if you boot the system from CD-ROM/USB/LAN.
  4. Do not reinstall or recover the system using system backup tools such as Symantec Ghost, Acronis True Image, etc.
  5. Do not encrypt protected partitions using disk encryption software such as COMODO Disk Encryption, TrueCrypt, Bitlocker, etc.
  6. Do not wipe free disk space using disk tools such as CCleaner.

thanks flykite - earlier posts in this discussion say that you CAN use cloning such as Ghost - if you use sector by sector copying or RAW option (also known as Cold Imaging?). The difficulty is that I can’t see this option. Is this only available in Norton Ghost v.15?

If so, does anyone know of a low cost cloning utility that supports sector by sector copying. I work for a charity that loans out laptops to learners and we don’t have money to cover the large per unit licence cost for a new version of Ghost for c.100 machines.

Partition Wizard and Macrium Reflect.

I have Macrium Reflect and it works fine. It even allows to save the snapshots to the image too. But I have one question about the rescue CD that can be created with Reflect. It’s either a Linus, Bart PE or Windows PE CD. The last two do access the C drive during CD bootup. The HDD led will light up for few seconds in the PE version is starting. This indicates either read or write access. If it is write access and the C drive is protected by CTM, won’t booting from the rescue CD not mess up any of the CTM snapshots?

I can’t say for sure, but the access through Macrium CD should be only read at that time.


Thnaks for previous answers - Clonezilla appears to support sector by sector copying and multicasting, which is perfect for us (and free!) - does anyone know if it works with Comodo Time Machine?

Many thanks


I’m not sure either if it’s read or write access, but if read, then I wonder why it reads from C, cos it’s a PE version meaning it should be able to boot stand alone. The only thing I can come up with is that it uses C to store some temporary data. I don’t know much about PE versions, so I’m hopping there is someone here that can brighten my day.

The fact of reading is not that something is loaded and the software is not standalone.
Disks are checked (mounted, started…) as any other hardware, aren’t they?

Did it work for you? The only problem I could see with Clonzilla is that it copies used sectors only. Fine for me since I wish to get rid of CTM. Are yo running in a Win environment? thx

We are currently trying to find a volunteer to help us with CTM/Clonezilla - we want to add CTM not get rid of it! The idea is to use Clonezilla to deploy but CTM to protect…

I am getting ready to image about 77 HP Pro all-in-one PC’s. The master image is running CTM 2.8.155286.178 and also has Norton Ghost installed. I have pulled an image with Ghost, as well as an image using Clonzilla build 201101113. I will post if it works or not. If we can successfully restore the image on a single PC, then we will try multi-casting the rest of them.

You will need to clone ALL sectors, not just used sectors. If you don’t, you will not capture the snapshot data which is stored outside of the “visible” file system.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Just an update - my tech support finally volunteered that there are some switches you can add to the command line of the old version of Ghost we already have that allow you to create a ‘raw’ version of a disk image - which has worked!!!

The switches for Ghost if anyone has an old version and wants to try it are: -ir -fro -crcignore

downside is that an 80GB disk laptop takes 4.5-5.5hrs to upload the image over ethernet on our set-up (I was in office til 6.30pm the other night just waiting for it to finish!), but it is a more reasonable couple of hours to download the image (we can currently image up to 7 laptops at a time). Although slower than ordinary imaging, it more than pays back in only having to reimage laptops when the setup needs reconfiguring for some reason (hopefully less than annually).