Use with Disk Imaging

Another question derived from BETA posts… It seems - at least from BETA - that CTM is not compatible with disk imaging. Can anyone confirm this, or explain how to use CTM and take successful disk image backups?

CTM is compatible with disk imaging. Any disk imaging software that provides to image all sectors of a disk will do the trick. This is sometimes called raw imaging support. I am personally using DriveSnapshopt very successfully with EAZ-FIX, a close relative of CTM. I have done many image backups of my EAZ-FIX protected drive and was always able to restore to an earlier image (or back and forth).

CTM is similar to RollbackRx=AyRecovery=EAZ-FIX.
Detailed supported info is available at
Info about drive imaging compatibility is available at
The gist: Rollback/CTM software is compatible with disk imaging software, but not with components that mess with the MBR (i.e., load themselves before the system like Acronis Secure Zone & Startup Recovery Manager). However disk images will not include your CTM snapshots, and recovery of disk images will wipe out your snapshots. So, to recover a disk image, you must uninstall CTM, recover the disk image, then reinstall CTM.

According to Rollback Rx: “We strongly recommend using Rollback’s built-in Drive Image utility. It’s fast, it understands Rollback Rx disk maps, it allows you to backup any snapshot and it’s free.”
CTM doesn’t come with a “built-in Drive Image utility”, maybe this is the future of Comodo BackUp?

Thanks for good answers :slight_smile: One follow-up question:

That’s fair enough :slight_smile:

What would happen if I tried to recover a disk image without first uninstalling CTM? Let’s just assume that I would want to do that :slight_smile:

Wiith Acronis you have the choice of restoring the MBR along with the disk image. When I did that with a beta version of CTM, it simply made CTM inoperable but everything else was ok. I think it just cleared CTM out of the MBR. But if you don’t restore MBR, CTM may get confused and cause problems.
I’m not sure about other software, and I’m not sure about doing a sector-by-sector image/recovery.

Hi,my experience with imaging, all ctm snapshots can be saved and restored successfully.
I did this recently using Image for Linux. This had to be done using the boot disc (pre OS) with the ‘copy unused sectors’ option enabled.
After the image was completed I booted into windows and made changes ect. Then I restored my image file.The results were as if nothing had changed(no reinstall of ctm), exactly as when I made the image. :slight_smile:
All of my snapshots still there and no problem booting to any.
Note: This can take a rather long time to create an image plus the file size is larger than normal.

hope this helps

Which means that on a Windows system (XP in my case) - if I am not sure that the MBR is copied (and will be restored) together with the system partition, I shouldn’t try to use a disk imaging system with CTM?

Hi,you don’t mention what image program you’re using but if it’s capable of making a ‘cold image’,meaning being capable of making an image from the boot/restore disc(not while running inside windows) you should be able to copy the entire partition. Just be sure to do a ‘sector by sector’ copy (it can called differently by other vendors).
hope this helps

The need to jury-rig Aconis Image Backups if using CTM is for me a deal breaker. CTM does mess with the MBR, and requires huge sector-by-sector Backup Archives, both of which are the old Norton GoBack problems. And this (messing with the MBR) speaks volumes about what is happening when uninstalling CTM trashes the hard drive. I would NEVER put this type of software on my Internal Hard Drive. (Multibooting – Ubuntu Linux & Windows XP Pro SP using Norton BootMagic as the Boot Manager.) Way too much trouble with these special secured zones, weird CTM folders, and MBR messing. No competent computer support technician would recommend this type of product.

Any answers about this?

Hi, Tech
Currently ctm doesn’t come with a built-in drive image utility.
We will consider it in the future release.

Thanks for your support.
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About the Build-In Drive Imaging of RollbackRX:
Horizon still mention this as feature of RollbackRx on their Homepage. But it is NO more build-In. They sell it as separate software called Drive Cloner RX which costs another $ 30.-.

I’m a longtime user of RollbackRx and had this question about imaging tools as well some weeks ago. I had been searching a lot for this Build-in Imaging unless I found the answer (Drive Cloner) somewhere in the Rollback forum.

They offer the possibility under Rollback GUI but seems an integrated feature and not another one, independent. Maybe the way will be integrating Comodo Backup with the Time Machine. Maybe the “current” condition could be interpreted by the backup and allow it without taking only the baseline backup. Sector by sector take a lot of space…

I use Macrium Reflect alongside CTM and it works flawlessly.

But you need to use sector to sector copy, didn’t you?

If you wish to backup the CTM snapshots then yes a full disk image is needed.

You mean to say that the image without the CTM’s snapshots (inteligent sector copy) will also work? But if the snapshots sectors are not present in the image, will CTM nit be confused if you use the image to restore your drive? To me it feals not save, because CTM will be there, but all snapshots including the baseline won’t be. I believe CTM at least needs to have a baseline snapshot to work properly. Am i right or wrong?

No it won’t. The snapshot data is written using a raw file system driver to the unused portion of the disk. The data exists on the disk but is not directly accessible or mappable by Windows. If you do a sector by sector copy of the disk that CTM is installed on, you will naturally also be copying the sectors holding the CTM snapshot data.

If you do a disk copy using any method other than sector-by-sector, the snapshot data is not copied and a restoration of that backup will result in a system fail.

But if the snapshots sectors are not present in the image, will CTM nit be confused if you use the image to restore your drive?

Exactly correct, but I think “confused” is the understatement of the year. :wink:

Am i right or wrong?

You are correct Marlon.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Panic, am I right to suppose that if you do a full backup partition with Acronis Disk Director, Paragon, Easeus Partition Manager, etc. (using a CD), I will be able to restore that partition with CTM data and will be able to boot it?

I’ve done this without CTM and Windows works.
Will it work with CTM installed?

If CTM is installed you MUST do a full drive image using sector-by-sector copying.

There are no shortcuts - full drive sector by sector.

Ewen :slight_smile: