use term "full scan" for the profile name that represents doing a full scan

the terms given in the scan profile list do not indicate which one performs a full system scan. my guess would be “my computer” but i’m not sure and i know other users who aren’t either. the term my computer i think is used in some other scanners but with the addition so is the term “full scan” indicating that scanning using the “my computer” profile will not do a full scan because the profile named “full scan does a full scan”. i may be wrong on this but i don’t think so but never the less no term communicates doing a full scan better than the term “full scan”. by adding this term it will give users more confidence in using comodo to get what they want and will feel that comodo offers better full security than what they already do. i know this seems like i’m nagging but i really do feel that CIS should say what it means in the simplest way why still being as informative as possible so that all users can understand. that way they don’t get aggravated and give up on comodo or even worse trying secure their computer with any security programs at all of any kind.

Hi I see your point. The Scan profiles help section does say on selecting my computer that it scans all drives on the system. Not the same as saying full scan, but the same meaning all the same. Your idea is ok though, maybe put Full Scan wording in brackets after My Computer. Kind regards.

I could go for that because i novice might not know that all drives means the whole system like my mom who doesn’t even know what a drive is so i could go for that. thank you for seeing my point