Use program description instead of only filename

Atm CPF gives you the filename of a program that wants to access the internet, however, there are a lot of programs with filenames that tell you absolute nothing makeing it unclear whether it’s a safe application or not.

Eg. wlcomm.exe wants to access the internet, how on earth should I know what wlcomm is. Appears that the file is located in c:\program files\windows live\contacts (<- including the path to the file already tells a lot) and according to the program description (Windows Live Communications Platform) it’s something we might need to get WLM9 working.

So it would be great if CFP reads this program description and includes it in the popups.

I’d suggest that this be like optional, individual pull down description or toolbox pop up box or something like that because this could clutter the window

The problem is that nothing stops viruses from having those same descriptions. That information cannot be trusted at all. :wink:

Nothing stops a virus from having the same name or a similar name and the same file path as any program you want. Providing all the information (path, filename, file description for making it more comprehensive and maybe author) is probably the most secure of all.