Use one word to link to a hyperlink

apologies if I have posted in the wrong place
I would like to be able to use one word as a link to a hyperlink if that makes sense 88)
as in here -

any help as always much appreciated

Hi treefrogs,
Quote my post and study the URL (Hyperlink) tags positioning.

This topic

Fake link below.


Edit: Yours above is correct if you put the one word name between ][

As the captain suggests, just use the ‘url’ tags or click on the little world icon above. If you use a Mozilla browser you can, like me because I’m lazy, also use - CoLT I’m sure other browsers have something similar.


Edit: Doh !!!
Mod edit: Fixed URL tags, Captainsticks.

Select modify for your post above and spot the changes. :wink:



that was frustrating lol
got it finally Thanks guys


My bouncy emoticon and your avatar do quite resemble each other. ;D

I got it

I will add this to Cyberfox :-TU
A dragon variant would be good, I will see if I can find one


lol too true :smiley:


A dragon variant would be good, I will see if I can find one

Try - Copy Link Text

installed Copy Link Text and restarted dragon
It’s not working - after reading the reviews it seems it stopped working around Chrome update 10.0
there’s lots of similar extensions but I think now I know how to modify my hyperlinks :slight_smile: I’ll just do it manually
If anyone does get it functioning though it’d be good to know how