Use CTM 2.8, 2.9 beta or wait for CTM 3.0?

Is there a CTM released for Windows 7?


Split from V3 wishlist topic. Eric

Yes, CTM 2.8 and 2.9 beta are compatible with Windows 7. But if I were you, I’ll wait for the next CTM 3.0 which is being baked and will be much more stable than 2.x versions.

Sounds good Tech:) Have we been given a ball park estimate to the release of CTM 3.0? In a few months? End of year? Or in 2013?


i dont mean to cut in but the first beta should actually be out by the end of this month hopefully. you came at the right time

Awesome:) So in a few weeks we can try the BETA and it will work on Windows 7?

When roughly would the FINAL version be released? BY the end of 2012? The reason I ask is I am not comfortable installing a BETA version.


yup it will work on win7

its hard to say when the final will be out. it depends on how stable the BETA is. So if there are a lot of issues and crashes it will be in BETA longer since the devs have to fix the major bugs. i personally dont think it will be in beta for more than 2 months

Beta are not meant to be installed in the main machine unless you regularly make backup of important files. Wmware is one way to test products without putting the OS at risk. Another would be to have a second computer, install the wanted OS and test it there.

I have 2.9beta and it stable, on my 64bit Win7 Pro

So what stopped CTM 2.9 ever moving from BETA to FINAL?

Development stopped for a while so it never progressed.

Comodo waited to see what feature windows 8 will have.

I wish. I am running HOME Windows 7, wondering if I should install Beta 2.9 or wait for 3.0?

hopefully we get this beta soon. I need something new to play with in particular cis v6 ctm or ccav i have been waiting a long time for all of them

i would just wait for 3. even though its taking a little while for the beta. they said there are a lot of new features and a lot of new code so hopefully more stable.

Rember the “:)” Melih made on one of my posts? If I am not wrong CTM 3.0 might have it’s very own OS to protect and make itself independent and protects the user.

Any updates on 3? Weeks away? Months away? Years away?

No news yet unfortunately.

Better late but ready than rushed and not.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen :slight_smile:

So we don’t have any idea at all, if it’s weeks or months or years away?

It might be here in 2-3 weeks.

Can’t say for certain, but my gut says a couple months at the outside, Lisa. :wink:

I don’t think I can wait, I am too impatient, so I may install 2.9BETA and hope for the best:P