Use Comodo firewall to prevent outgoing connections

I have a virus that Avast cant find, the virus do nothing, but everytime I start Firefox I get a message from Avast that it has blocked a certain website. The virus have downloaded malware to my pc, and I am wondering if I can use Comodo to stop it connecting to the internet. Can Comodo find the source?

If so, can someone write step by step how to do it?

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You can’t tell for sure that the virus is “doing nothing”. CIS can block outgoing connections, but even if you can prevent this, the virus is probably already in your PC. In other words, you have to eliminate the source of the problem. Please see this link:

The reason I am writing that the virus is doing nothing is that it only infect .exe files, and I have included al .exe files in my protected files, therefore Comodo stops any attack. It has definitly worked so far.

The problem is that no antivirus can find the virus they can only find the infected .exe files. I installed Comodo after I got infected.

How do you know it only infects .exe files? Did you create that virus yourself? It’s better to remove it for good rather than keep blocking it from other files.

The virus is called win32: virut /win32:vitro and only (I am 100% sure) infects .exe and .scr files. The only way at this time to get rid of the virus is to completely format the whole computer. I have used Comodo to buy more time for myself. I am going to wait a bit more until I have better time to format and can do it properly. Therefore I wonder how I can prevent it from downloading other malware, and if I am able to find the source (I doubt it) it would be a lot easier, then to format. That Comodo protects the executable files don´t bother me much. Thank for fast reply :slight_smile:

I’m still wondering how you are 100% sure of that. What source did that come from? Anyway IMO, I think your decision to reformat is a little hasty. You might as well try everything you can to get it out before reformatting. If you haven’t visited this link yet, please do and follow the guide:

A simple remove virut search will turn up tools to remove the virus. No need for a reformat… 88)

Al the programs who are supposed to remove virut only removes the infected files, not the virus itself. That is the problem. When Comodo stopped the attack, it came from a file in the temp folder and therefore I could not find the source.

Well, I haven’t tried any of them, but that doesn’t make any sense…

The problem with this virus is that no programs are able (today) to detect it. Many programs can find the infected files but not the source.

I followed the guide and did everything except to run Hijackthis (I have runned it earlier). The results showed nothing.

The main reason I am using Comodo to prevent further infections is because I am hoping a solution will come after some time and I will not need to format.