USB install

Anyone know if this i-vault can be installed onto a USB key like portable Robo forms? I really like this product and would like to keep it around.

I would assume you just change the installation directory to the flash drive. I am not sure whether or not this would run on any computer that hasn’t been through this process though. That would be a question for Comodo support to answer.

You can copy the folder C:\Program Files\Comodo\i-Vault to your USB key. It will run on another machine, but with several caveats:

  1. you must open the password store manually under Storage> Open
  2. you must manually kill the process i-Vault.exe before removing the USB key.
  3. when you create a new password store, it is created in the current user’s local “My Documents” directory. No way to specify where it is stored. Be sure to move it back onto your key and delete the store.
  4. License information does not show up under Help> About/License. Good or bad? Not sure. No more ominous reminder of days until expiration…but don’t know how long it will run.

Tested by copying from XPPro wkstn and plugging into Server2003.

Hope this helps.

Hey, Comodo,

Any thoughts on improving this? My method works, but is definitely not the most desirable.

At the very least, can i-Vault recognize stores that are sitting the same root directory?



We are the collection stage of all the ideas. We have not yet started any development on the user feedback. We want to have bit more feedback before we start. So please suggest the ideal ways in which you want i vault to work. What will make it better? any other product out there we should learn from?


Portable Firefox. No strings attached. Small-ish footprint. Maintains most all feature needed for the basic experience.

The biggest advantage of using something like a portable i-Vault (versus an overly-encrypted Excell spread sheet) is protecting the credential. Not just storing it.

Protect the clipboard copy/paste and credential auto-entry process. Once an text-based document is opened on screen, snooping software already has your info. If you type the passwords, they’re captured.

By the way, users should set passwords to be covered by asterisks by default. Even if heavily encrypted, the data is compromised by the off-the-shelf snooping software installed by spouses, significan others, employees, employers, et al. Showing it on-screen gets it captured to a JPEG file.

Portable i-Vault (with new an improved anti-snooping technology)…gives you some peace of mind when using computers not under your direct control. It won’t defeat a serious cracker, but makes travelling without a laptop much more convenient.

It would be nice if the convenience/security balance could be skewed a little on the side of convenience while still maintaining some semblance of security.

Now, if you could just hook up with Anonymizer-on-a-stick, we’d be entering a whole new level of privacy.

:o Just ran across this thread and thought I would add my 2 cents.

Is there any possibility that you could put cpf, antivirus, and Ivault all into a usb set up and have the whole thing run from the usb drive only needing a usb connection to any computer? That way all your personal data would be behind your personal copy of cpf and antivirus software.

This is probably just an old man’s misconseptions of what is possible. But it is certainly something that frequent travelers would jump on I would think. ???

If you want something to look at you might check out Access Manager 2, it has a few features that would greatly improve i-Vault like USB based install, import and export. The “Install to Portable Media” feature is very nice since I can keep one database and use the built in “Install to Portable Media” (to copy changes from the machine most recently changed to my usb drive - then from my usb drive to other machines when next used) to keep multiple computers up to date from the key but still have the database on each local machine. As long as I always copy to the usb drive after a change then the usb has the latest info and I can copy it to my laptop, desktop or work computer when I sit down. Being able to run it from the usb drive is excellent when I am at a customer’s house and need to access a secure site. Have you ever considered a cascading menu from the Comodo launcher (under i-Vault) that would list the stored cards and a click on the right card could take you to the web page and auto fill the fields? That would allow you to use i-Vault kinda like Favorites without even having IE open.