USB flash disk cannot be read

This issue happened on one my previous PC which I don’t have now and on my main PC I have now. When I insert a USB flash disk it cannot be read and moreover I cannot extract it from the PC (see the picture) and it cannot hibernate or shut down - it hangs at hibernating/shutting down. External HD drives can be read without any problem.

When I uninstall CIS - no problems with USB flash disks.

Usually reinstall of CIS helps. This time it didn’t help.

Can I somehow fix it?

Thank you.

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Try to disable Defense+ permanently to see if the problem occur still. That way we’ll know that it’s something related to that part of Comodo.
You probably have locked a registry key regarding this USB device…this is what I might think of right now.

How do you have CIS configured? Does this happen with the default configuration as well?

Also, when you reinstall do you follow the advice I give in this topic?


I’ve just managed to fix it by simple reinstall. I uninstalled CIS with Advanced Uninstaller. Then cleaned the OS with this Adv.Uninst. and after installation of CIS the USB flash disk is readable again.

I’ve tried the anything with CIS tweaking including permanent disabling D+ (in CIS 6 there’s no “permanent”
disabling, it was in 5) - everything was of no avail.

Clear sign that the problem is connected with CIS is that after uninstall it vanishes. It doesn’t appear when I install any other security app in the absence of CIS.

I still have a snapshot (in Eaz-Fix time machine) with CIS with such a problem - so I can go there and try what you suggest. I would prefer to find the direct way, not reinstalling - maybe it will be quicker.

I almost didn’t use USB flash disks so I found out the problem with HIPS in Safe, BB - FV, FW - Custom, Browsers were autosandboxed. Though it seems that when the problem appears it persists with any CIS config.

Yeah, I’ve read this topic and after unistalling CIS with Advanced Uninsaller I cleared the registry with “Registry Cleaner” of Advanced Uninstaller. After this I installed CIS and the problem didn’t appear. Though I would prefer to find the way to directly resolve the issue without reinstalling.

Can you give me advices? I’ll go to the problematic snapshot and try it.

Thank you.

My concern is that this is a rule associated with the HIPS component. Can you please check through your rules and see if there is anything which may be related to this?

Two variants to solve the issue:

  1. Press “Purge” to clean all invalid rules in “HIPS Rules”.
  2. Or if you want to leave other invalid rules by some reason then just do the following. Remove all rules from “HIPS Rules” with path starting beyond the HD (e.g. you have only “C” and “D” HD drives then remove all rules with other paths like “F:.…” etc - pointing at the flash disk you insert).

Maybe it’s a bug deserving devs attention? Though I found no other USB flash disk complaints in the Forums.

Thank you.

If you can narrow down the exact rule which causes this then it may be possible to create a bug report for it.