USB device control?

Does CIS need to be told how to interact with hardware wallets as they often need to talk to online resources.

I’m wondering about whitelisting a usb device & found this section in the online help:-
Device Control Settings
Click ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced Protection’ > ‘Device Control’

but not in CIS :-\

I assume it has been removed. Was it replaced with anything?

Hi jcmil,

Thank you for reporting.Could you please elaborate the issue in detailed?Like,

  1. What you did?
  2. What you actually saw?
  3. What you expected to happen or see?

In latest CIS versions all settings are present.So could you please check them and i have enclosed the Sample img also.


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Thanks for reply.
I don’t have that option.
CIS says it is up to date.

See attached

Obviously the newer versions are not being offered to the program updater for older versions, you would need to manually upgrade if you want the latest version which does have the new device control feature.

That seems very strange, from to isn’t suggesting a huge version or distribution model change.
Has there been any discussion of why newer builds wouldn’t be available as normal?

Ok I’ve now discovered that the 12.1.x.x aren’t general releases but more of a beta at the moment…Would have helped if that had been pointed out.

Maybe I should be asking if USB/OS interaction could be affected by CIS pre-12.1.x.x ???